Load flow analysis, also known as power flow analysis, is a fundamental tool used in power systems analysis to evaluate the steady-state operating characteristics of a power network.

The buses are divided into the following three groups according to the quantities specified: 1. Load Bus 2. Generator Bus 3. Slack Bus

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Load Bus

The actual and reactive components of the power are described at the load bus. Through the load flow solution, it is wanted to determine the voltage magnitude and phase angle.

At a bus like this, just PD and QD are required to be specified because, at a load, bus voltage might change up to a certain percentage, for example. The voltage's phase angle is also not particularly significant for the load

Generator Bus

The provided details specify the magnitude of the voltage linked to the generator voltage and the real power PG according to their ratings at the generator bus or voltage-controlled bus.

In order to proceed, it is crucial to determine both the phase angle of the bus voltage and the amount of reactive power generated, denoted as QG.

Slack Bus

Slack, Swing, or Reference Bus: There are two types of buses in a power system: load buses and generator buses. We have defined genuine power P injectors for these buses

The power injection at the buses denoted as Pi, follows a positive value for generator buses and a negative value for load buses

Typically, the reference is the phase angle of the voltage at the slack bus. The real and reactive components of the voltage across a bus are used as independent variables for the load flow equations in the analysis that follows, i.e.

Vi∠δi = ei+fc

What information is specified for the slack or swing bus?

The slack or swing bus has the voltage magnitude, V, and phase angle, θ, specified. These values are essential for maintaining system stability and calculating power flows accurately.

What is the role of the slack (or swing) bus in bus classification analysis?

The slack or swing bus absorbs system losses and maintains power balance.

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